I Am…

I am Alice




The Rabbit HOle
I am the bright-eyed child
Searching for meaning in a world of Nonsense
Curioser and curioser
Brought up to value
Reason, rhetoric, and rationale

But I am Alice
Exploring everything
Asking questions
Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Accepting that sometimes the best answer
Is no answer at all
Discovering life through life’s
Beautiful absurdities

I am Alice
Crying floods of tears
Broken-down by trauma,
Hardships, and pain
Emotions raging like hurricanes
Oh I wish I hadn’t cried so much…
Punished for it now…
Drowned in my own tears

I am Alice
Racing through a garden labyrinth
Losing my childhood as I lose my way
How long is forever?
Sometimes just one second
Clinging to nostalgia for warmth
Growing up whether I like it
Or not

I am Alice
Yet they still ask me


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