I Am…

I am Alice




The Rabbit HOle
I am the bright-eyed child
Searching for meaning in a world of Nonsense
Curioser and curioser
Brought up to value
Reason, rhetoric, and rationale

But I am Alice
Exploring everything
Asking questions
Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Accepting that sometimes the best answer
Is no answer at all
Discovering life through life’s
Beautiful absurdities

I am Alice
Crying floods of tears
Broken-down by trauma,
Hardships, and pain
Emotions raging like hurricanes
Oh I wish I hadn’t cried so much…
Punished for it now…
Drowned in my own tears

I am Alice
Racing through a garden labyrinth
Losing my childhood as I lose my way
How long is forever?
Sometimes just one second
Clinging to nostalgia for warmth
Growing up whether I like it
Or not

I am Alice
Yet they still ask me


The Autobiography of an ELA Teacher

Below is a link to a video project I recently completed, in which I explore some of the texts that have significantly contributed to the type of pre-service ELA teacher I am today. It also discusses how I may incorporate those same texts in my own classroom one day.

It is so important to note that “text” is not always a book or even text that is written, and that the most significant texts in our lives are not often the ones that we studied in a classroom setting. Why not? Perhaps it is about choice and the ownership of that choice. We remember and connect most with texts that we choose to read. This is so relevant to me. In my own teaching, I want to allow students to have as much choice as possible in what they read…otherwise I do not expect to be as successful in fostering a love of reading that is genuine and long-lasting. Ultimately I want students to explore texts in a variety of modes or genres that are best suited to them, without my interference.